Transmission Services

At Peabody Autobody, we can repair the transmission in a manual or automatic vehicle. We have experts that would not only detect the problem with your transmission, but also provide a solution. Don’t stress it, just leave the work to us. We know exactly what to do.

We offer the following services at a competitive price:

Automatic Transmission
The function of automatic transmissions is to shift gears automatically thus making driving easier. It also changes gears depending on how the driver controls the throttle pedal, the speed of the vehicle, engine speed and the load in the vehicle. A normal automatic transmission consists of 4-5 forward gear ratios, a Reverse, Park, and Neutral gear.
A shift in gears takes place automatically when the car is in drive. Unlike the manual transmission, the clutch pedal or gear shift is not needed. The repair of automatic transmissions is quite complicated. This is because of all the components that it is made up of. For such repair, you will need to consult expert auto mechanics. Feel free to call or visit mechanics at Peabody Autobody for any transmission problems your vehicle may be having.

Clutches exist in automatic as well as manual transmission cars. There are however various types of clutches. Clutches play an important role in shifting gears. From the flywheel, the clutch usually engages and disengages such that the torque is transferred through the transmission. In other words, clutches ensure that your vehicle starts. They also help in ensuring that gear shift takes place without stress.
Clutches work almost every time. They could as such wear out after some time. One way to know if your clutch has an issue is if it begins to make noise or slip irregularly. Once you notice this, contact or visit experts at Peabody Autobody to find out if you will need to replace your clutch.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission
There are different gears in a four wheel drive vehicle. The gears are in front and at the rear. Such vehicle has a transfer case joined to the transmission. Four wheel drive vehicles would thus require maintenance of the transfer case, transmission fluids, front differentials and rear differentials. You can call or visit Peabody Autobody for any four wheel drive transmission services your vehicle may need.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission
For vehicles with a front wheel drive, only the front wheels are driven by the engine. Power moves from the transmission to the final drive. At this point, it is then divided and transferred through the drive axles to the front wheels. In the front of the car, you will find the engine, transmission and other hardware. For any issues with your front wheel drive transmission vehicles, feel free to call or visit Peabody Autobody.

Manual Transmission
Vehicles with manual transmission would need both the clutch pedal and the gear shift to shift from one gear to another. This is usually based on the vehicle’s speed at any given moment. Manual transmissions have between two and eight gears. The two major configurations for the manual transmissions are the front- wheel and rear wheel drive.
Manual transmissions do not require as much maintenance as the automatic transmissions. Whichever the case, our auto mechanics at Peabody Autobody Service can handle any issues with the transmission. As always, we find fulfillment in making you safe and ensuring that your vehicle’s lifetime is greatly prolonged.

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