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Tires are a very important part of your car. They in fact provide safety for your car. Tires are the part of the car that connects it to the road. Tires affect the functioning of other life-saving technologies in your car. These technologies include: antilock brakes and electronic stability control, both of which cannot function without the proper functioning of the tires.
Even the best tires don’t last forever that why it is important for car owners to change their tires at least once or more times throughout a vehicle’s lifetime.
There have been great advances such that we now have long-lasting tires. The lifetime of tires, however, depends on the car type as well as the tire type. Other factors that affect the lifetime of tires include the aggressiveness of driving, the road and also the weather conditions. Tires can last longer if they are properly maintained.  Peabody Autobody offers tire maintenance services that ensure that your tires last longer. Our services cut across the major brands of tires.
We know how important tires are to your car. We understand that your tire quality and material determines the performance of your vehicle. This is why we work with popular and trusted tire brands.
In addition, we provide management services for your fleet tire as we are interested in ensuring that you not only get the best value, but also enjoy fuel economy and long life for your tires.

It is important to choose the best brand of tires when getting new set of tires for your vehicle. Some qualities to check for include: tires that function well during brake tests, handling as well as tires that are quite resistant to hydroplaning. If necessary, you could also consider winter traction. Also check for tread wear, rolling resistance, noise and even the comfort of the ride.
At Peabody Autobody, our experts can help you select the most appropriate tires for your vehicle.
We have various brands of tires. See below some of our recommended brands:



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