Inspection & Diagnostics

It is important not to take the electronic systems of your vehicle for granted as this could lead to the malfunction of your vehicle and its components. At Peabody Autobody we have expert auto mechanics that would ensure that your car is always in a good shape.

We offer the following electronic services:

At Peabody Autobody, we have mechanics that can diagnose every electronic component in your car. Our diagnostics services are in fact second to none. Call or visit us today to enjoy our exceptional service.

Cars that are manufactured these days come with at least one computer to monitor the functionality of the engine and transmission. Such computers can in fact adjust the engine where necessary based on the information it receives from different sensors. The computer takes charge of the spark plugs, idle speed and even the fuel injectors in a bid to ensure that your car performs efficiently. Any fault in the car computer would as such affect the components under the control of the computer. This is why you should have your car’s computer checked regularly. It can also be repaired or replaced if it has already developed a fault. Visit Peabody Autobody in Vacaville, CA 95687. today to have your car can be handled by our experts.

In simple words, drivability deals with the acceleration of your car. It deals with the level of smoothness and steadiness of the acceleration. A good number of cars have computers that check readings from the sensors regularly. When any issue arises, a warning message is usually shown on the car’s dashboard. For any issues with drivability, feel free to call or visit Peabody Autobody as we have the right tools, expertise and technology to discover any issues as well as solve such issues.

Engine Controls
This functions like a computer in your car. It thus has hardware and software. The engine controls help in controlling exhaust emissions. It also helps in improving fuel economy. Cars have a powerful technology that can only function effectively when the engine controls are working well. It is as such important to regularly check if your car’s engine controls are working effectively. You can call or visit Peabody Autobody today to have them checked.

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