Heating & Cooling

For any issues with your car’s heating & cooling, feel free to come to Peabody Autobody or just call 707-898-7313. Our experts will discover the problem and provide a solution to cooling or heating problems with your vehicle. Don’t worry, our prices are quite affordable. We find fulfillment in seeing you drive comfortably.

Over time, heating and AC systems could break down. It is very possible for the hose pipes to clog and drip if they are not serviced. This could in turn reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring that your AC systems perform efficiently. Available both R134a and 1234y Freon Service.

The following are signs that there might be issues with your A/C system:

  • When there is little or no difference between the air blown by your a/c and the air outside your car
  • When the air blown smells wet or dusty like a mold or mildew.
  • When it refuses to get warm in cold weather
  • When the defroster takes a long time to function or does not function at all.
  • When the heater or A/c works only when you are driving and stops when the car is parked or idle.
  • When the heating system sends out only cold air or the A/c gives warm air.
  • When the airflow is low, even when set to the highest.

An in-depth inspection of the heating and A/C system would cover the following:

  • Inspection of the blower and internal controls
  • Inspection of the thermostat, hoses, pressure radiator cap and the coolant operating temperature of the radiator.
  • Checking the compressor belt
  • Checking the entire system for leaks and other damages
  • A pressure test of the cooling system
  • Checking that the A/C pressure is in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Measurement of the interior vent air temperature.

Our services for repair and maintenance of heating and A/c systems include:

Air Conditioning
Has the heat in your car suddenly become unbearable? It is possible that your car’s A/C is not working well. At Peabody Autobody, we have A/C repair experts that can help fix you A/C in no time. We can repair, service or replace your A/C as the case may be. Call 707-898-7313 or visit us for any issues with your A/C.

A fan belt can also be referred to as a drive belt. Its function is to connect the car’s engine to all the accessories in the front of the car. It also helps the water pump and the engine fan to rotate so that the environment remains cool for the engine and its components. With time, the fan belt in your vehicle could crack or completely dry out. When this happens, feel free to get in touch with our experts at Peabody Autobody to help you change or repair your fan belt. Our experts work with a wide variety of quality belts in a bid to ensure that your car functions effectively. Call or visit us so that our experts can inspect your fan belt and provide the best solution to any issues it might have.

They serve as heat exchangers; as they cool the internal combustion engine of your car. The radiator does this by sending an engine coolant all over the engine via the engine block. The heat is sent out to the atmosphere through a process known as radiation. A radiator is composed of tubes from which the engine coolant flows. A fault in the radiator leads to excess heat in the engine, thus leading to damage of the components in the engine. You need your radiator serviced from time to time so as to prevent any damage to your engine and its components. Visit Peabody Autobody today so that our experts check and service your radiator.

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