Engine Service

When you have big jobs, don’t hesitate to take your vehicle to Peabody Autobody. We have experts that can work on the latest model import or a new vehicle. We offer the best engine overhaul services and replacement services in Vacaville Area.

We have the following heavy duty services:

Engine Maintenance
It is important to engage in preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your engine. No part of a car is built to last for ever including the engine. Preventive maintenance can however help in elongating the lifespan of the engine. Maintaining your car’s engine constantly not only helps increase its performance, but also ensures that fuel use is economized. You can visit or call our experts at Peabody Autobody for your engine maintenance.

Engine Replacement
Engines help in converting energy to a beneficial mechanical motion. The importance of the engine cannot be overemphasized as it ensures that your vehicle moves. Car engines are quite reliable. They could, however, suffer damage and breakdown. Don’t stress yourself when this happens. All you need is an engine replacement carried out by a professional mechanic. You will find such professional at Peabody Autobody. Feel free to call or visit us for the best engine replacement services.

Cylinder Head
This can be found in the engine block of a car. The cylinder head is the side of the cylinder that is usually closed. It rests just above the cylinder block as it closes the cylinder top thereby creating the combustion chamber.
Its major function is to manage the flow of air both inside and outside the engine. It ensures that the cylinder is properly sealed. A cylinder that is not well sealed would make a vehicle difficult to drive. It is therefore important to have the cylinder head of your car properly maintained from time to time. You can contact any of our experts at Peabody Autobodyto help you with this. Our repair and reconditioning specialists are second to none.

Timing Belt
This can be found in the internal combustion engine. The timing belt controls the rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft enabling the engine valve to open and close appropriately. It also ensures that the piston do not hit the valves as this could cause interference in the engine. The timing belt is made of rubber and has a set of teeth in its inside. The timing chain on the other hand is made of metal. Cars now mostly have timing belts in place of timing chains and gears. There are various mileages recommended by manufacturers, it is however important to check the timing belt of your car from time to time. You can have your timing belt checked at Peabody Autobody. Feel free to contact us now. Our experts would be very willing to help.

Cylinder Block
The powerhouse of any vehicle is referred to as the cylinder block. It is a solid part of the car comprising of the cylinder alongside other parts like the valves, seals and gaskets all of which a packed in a crankcase that is not only cool but also well lubricated. It is a very important part of the car. That is why it is made to be very tough. Being tough does not in any way prevent it from having a fault. Any fault such as cracked blocks, porous blocks, core plug, or freeze plug failure in the cylinder block could prevent a vehicle from starting. Feel free to call us 707-898-7313 or visit Peabody Autobody for any issues with your cylinder block.

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