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We offer brake issues and corrective services. Some of our services include:

Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement
The best way to identify brake pad problems is by squealing brakes. When your brake pads have gone bad, you will most likely hear the sound of a metal grinding on metal when you press your brake. At this point, it’s already late. It is however possible to fix this, especially if you give your vehicle to an auto-repair expert.

Resurface Rotors
Rotors are found in a disc brake system. They are usually found on your vehicle’s wheels. Brake pads have the ability to stop the rotor and wheels. This happens when the brake pads grabs the rotor. Over time, this friction could lead to groove and cracks. Resurfacing can help to bring the rotor back to life by reducing squealing and wobbling. At Peabody Autobody, we have experts that can inspect your rotors and determine the appropriate action.

Caliper Replacement
The brake pads can be found in the brake caliper. It also fits the rotor just like a clamp. When you step on your break, the break caliper presses the pads on the rotor. A fault in the brake caliper could cause your braking to be uneven such that your car slides forward each time you brake. Such uneven braking could in fact make your vehicle go completely out for control especially in bad weather conditions. Feel free to contact Peabody Autobody Service as soon as possible.

Brake Hoses
Pressurised fluid in the master cylinder is transmitted to the brakes through the brake hose. The brake hose looks exactly like a tube. When there is a fault in the hose such as a crush, there could be a lagged or slow brake. There could also be a leak in the brake leading to brake failure. The brake hose isn’t replaced often but once there is a crack or wear, it should be replaced immediately.

Brake Fluid Flushes
After some time, brake fluid takes in water. This in turn leads to an ineffective brake system. The fluid also becomes acidic and could actually damage the whole system. The brake fluid needs to be flushed from time to time to ensure that the fluid in your vehicle is fresh. For a perfect brake fluid flush, feel free to reach our experts at Peabody Autobody

Anti-Lock Brake System
The Anti-lock brake system in charge of ensuring that the wheels are constantly in rotation especially during braking. This in turn ensures that the car does not glide. It also ensures better control. Once the ABS light comes on, ensure you contact or visit Peabody Autobody. It will be our utmost pleasure to solve the problem.

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